How To Triple (Treble) Crochet

You should have double crochet down before moving on. Remember, if you need a refresher on the half double crochet, double crochet, or any of the stitches just go back and take your time. Otherwise, let’s learn how to triple (treble) crochet! This stitch gets you on the path to making scarves, hats, and more… it’s a gateway stitch. So what do I always say? Take your time and keep practicing, because I know you can do it!

Now depending on what pattern you have, instead of saying triple crochet, it may say treble crochet instead. They are the same stitch, one is English (US) and the other is proper English (British).  Now continuing on our work, before we start the next row flip it.

PRO TIP – Always work from the right to the left. That’s why we flip our work.

Each one of these stitches has different techniques and different chains that go with them.  In order for you to get the yarn up to height, we need to chain three. We’re going to be basically trying to do three loops to get up to height. So, this is going to be a little bit more tricky. We yarn over once. We yarn over twice.

You know that you have it right when you have three loops on your hook at this point.  Now, insert your hook, not in the first space, but in the next stitch because our chain three counts as one stitch because they are similar heights. Insert your hook and believe it or not, we want to yarn over one more time, and we pull up a loop.  You now have one more loop. You should have four loops on your hook. Yarn over and pull it underneath two. Yarn over, and we pull it underneath two.  Yarn over, and we pull it underneath the last two.

Looks crazy, but we actually accomplished it. You can see how the stitches are starting to get a little bit more open.

And they’re very tall in comparison to…the double crochet a row below…a little bit open.

Now onto the last stitch in our row.  As we already know, with the treble crochet, we yarn over twice.  Stick your hook into the stitch hole that’s left. That sounds very dirty, but we’re going to do just that. We know that we have a nice, substantial little loop there. We yarn over pull up a loop, remember to have your hook pointed down. We yarn over again. Pull underneath two. Yarn over and pull underneath the next two. Yarn over and pull underneath the last two. You have finished the last treble.

Congratulations, you just completed your triple crochet or treble, whatever… spot of tea, Cheerio. lol.

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