How To Make A Mini Book

I’ve been making these mini books for friends as requests. They are meant to replicate full size books. I wanted to show my audience HOW to do these mini books but needed a book to use an example.

I contacted Allison Hoffman, the author of AmiguruMe, and asked for permission to use her book as an example because I loved it so much and she granted me permission. Why? Because she just super awesome. GO BUY HER BOOK! I’ve used this book multiple times to create some of my person replica dolls. She has so many good tips on how to make each doll look different. She even tells you how to put hair on each type of doll in so many different ways. If you want to learn how to make dolls like this, this is the book for you.

Since I loved this book so much, I decided to miniaturize it so that I can have it on my creation desk and it wont take up so much space. I smile every time I look at it.


FIRST: Scan your images and download Photoshop mobile

SECOND: Using rulers put your scanned images in a project.

Mini Book DIY

NEXT: Print them out, cut, and fold in half.

Mini Book DIY

NOW: Sew all your pages together.

Mini Book DIY

NOW: Make your cover.

THEN: Glue your pages to your cover.

Mini Book DIY


Mini Book DIY

Mini Book DIY

Please choose your favorite social media site and share your finished product with our community. Make sure to use the hashtag #martiancreations. I’d love to see your finished project. Thanks for stopping by and making something with me!

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