How To Double Crochet

OK, it’s time to get fancy with it. Now that you know how to half double crochet, we are turning it up a notch with the double crochet. Remember to always have your hook pointed down, be patient with yourself, and keep practicing. I know you can do it!

We are continuingΒ on the piece we have been working with. Remember, when we get toward the end of the row, Β turn your work and to throw your yarn to the back of whatever row you’re doing. To start the double crochet, you do twoΒ chainsΒ to get our yarn up to height.

Now that we have aΒ chain two, we’re going to go into the next stitch over. We’re going to yarn over and pull up a loop. Now we have three on our hook. Next, you yarn over, and we go underneath two loops. Now we have two left. Yarn over and go underneath those last two, and that is your first double crochet.

With the double crochet, Β at the beginning of the row, when you do a chain, that counts as one double crochet because they look the same. So, actually, in essence, Β if you did one double crochet, you really did two. Continue crocheting to the end of this row. If you went down your work and you were, like – wait a minute – where do I work into this last stitch, don’t worry.

Yarn over, and you can see that there’s a little hole there, and that’s where you insert your hook. Yarn over and pull up a loop. Now you have three. Yarn over and pull underneath the two. Yarn over and pull underneath the last two. That will completeΒ your row of double crochet.

PRO TIP – Practice counting your stitches as you go. Otherwise, your work couldΒ begin to be misshapen if you just keep going, and you don’t want that.

Your next mission is to take on the Triple Crochet (treble crochet). Your yarn is counting on you!

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