How To Crochet A Chain

Your first tutorial on how to crochet. How exciting! Learning how to crochet a chain is the building block for all future crochet projects. Remember to take your time, be patient with yourself, and keep practicing. You can do it!

When first beginning to crochet, all you need is a hook and some yarn. You want a hook that is not too big or too small. I recommend starting with an I-hook. As far as the yarn, whatever you can get your hands will be fine to start.

There two ways to get the yarn on yourΒ hook. MethodΒ one begins with laying the yarn down flat. Make a circle and wrap theΒ end behind it. Hook the yarn that is laying behind the circle and while holding the ends of the yarn pull up to make a knot.

The way I normally do it is by laying the yarn over the hook, twist them, and grab it with your ring finger and your thumb. Grabbing the yarn that’s coming from the ball, wrap it around the hook, then just pull it through, always having your hook pointed down and boom – you have it.

PRO TIP – Many hooks have a little flat part on them. That makes it easier for you to hold it but more importantly, it makes it so that your hook is pointed down. That makes it easier for you to wrap your yarn around and pull it through a loop.

Keep wrapping over and pulling through the loop and you will see your chain-forming. Note that you can keep everything very loose. You really don’t have to put that much pressure on your hook to pull up a loop. We don’t want to hurt yourself trying to be determined to get that loop through and pulling that yarn through. You just have to relax and very slowly just pull it through.


Keep that hook pointedΒ down.

Wrap it over. Pull up a loop.

Wrap it over. Pull up a loop.

Keep practicing, be patient, and remember, I know you can do it!

Once you master how to crochet a chain. You can move on to Single Crochet.

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