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Learn 2 Ways To Fill Text With Any Photo Or Print in Procreate 5

Fill Text With Any Photo Or Print in Procreate 5

Ive been seeing advertisements that use the magical technique to do this using Photoshop and other programs that go over most people’s heads. I decided to try to find a technique to do it using my favorite program, Procreate 5 in HALF THE TIME and it be fun to do while experimenting at the same time!

Now you can make your Pinterest pins, Instagram Stories and Youtube thumbnails look like magic and feel proud every time you look at it! So in this video learn TWO ways you can put any print inside your text using Procreate 5 on your iPad! Turn any text into glitter, put animal print into your text along with any texture!!!

How to Fill Text With Any Photo Using Procreate Pinterest Pin

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