Easy Fabric Earrings In Under 15 Minutes!

I guarantee you will have these done in under 15 minutes! They are THAT easy for fabric earrings!

Supplies you would need are:


Circle or Any Shape Template


Fabric Spray Adhesive

Hole Punch

Eyelet Tool

Embroidery Thread

Needle Scissors

26 Gauge Wires or Earring Wire

I used those fat quarters that Joann’s sells. You can use any fabric you like. Some of the earrings I made in the past I used some fabric from a shirt I hated but loved the pattern. So any fabric works.

To finish the earrings, I used a past video, that I linked, to make earring wire yourself without buying earring wire that will break eventually any way. I use this technique because when you make your own earring wire, you can make the attachment circle as large or as small as you will like to accommodate your handmade earring because not all earrings are made alike. So store-bought earring wire may not be able to fit this project.

Have fun and enjoy the fruits of your labor of handmade!

Through my 15+ years of crocheting, I have made it my goal to show the world we are more than just doily and blanket makers. And as a curious DIY crafter, I’m always getting into other projects away from the hook and yarn too.

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