Let’s Take A Crochet Chill Pill πŸ’Š

Because having to stay inside all day, it’s freaking us out. So we are in dire need of a Chill Pill, so let’s make one. At least a crochet chill pill version. We need the minimum amount of supplies to do it and its super quick. Because sometimes, if you have so much time and don’t know what to do with it, making something gets you right back on track! Like I said in the video, be kind to one another. Spare a square if you have to. And check on your neighbors daily.


Red Worsted Weight

White Worsted Weight

4 mm and 2.5 mm Crochet Hooks

Stitch Marker

Black Embroidery Thread


Keychain Ring (Optional)


SC-Single Crochet

HDC-Half Double Crochet

HDCDEC-Half Double Crochet Decrease [Half Double Crochet two stitches together]


Make 2 in each color

With 4mm Hook and one worsted weight yarn

CH 2

RND 1: 6 SC in first CH =6 SC

Use a Stitch Marker

RND 2: 2 SC in each ST around =12 SC

RND 3: [2 SC in next ST, 1 SC in next ST] REPEAT around =18 SC

RND 4: [2 SC in next ST, 1 SC in next 2 STS] REPEAT around =24 SC

RND 5-11: SC EVENLY around =24 SC

FINISH OFF with a SLST in next ST, CUT yarn, pull end of yarn through to tie it off

Stuff and sew sides together.

The letters are fairly easy, if you get the stitches wrong, which is hard to do, you can always sew and shape as you sew them onto your pill.


CH 10

HDCDEC the 3rd and 4th CH together, 2 HDC in each of the next 2 CH’s, HDC in next 2 STS, 2 HDC in next 2 STS, HDCDEC the last 2 CH’s together =6 HDC



(Vertical bars, Make 2)

CH 7

HDC in 2nd CH from hook and each across =6 HDC

With the horizontal bar, I decided to just STITCH a bar because it was such a small area once I was sewing the H to the pill.


CH 7

HDC in 2nd CH from hook and each across =6 HDC


CH 11

HDC in 2nd CH from hook and in next 2 CH, HDCDEC the 5th and 6th CH together, HDC in next 5 CH’s =9 HDC

Sew or glue to pill. Sew keychain ring to end of pill and squeeze your CHILL PILL.

crochet chill pill free pattern

Please choose your favorite social media site and share your finished product with our community. Make sure to use the hashtag #martiancreations. I’d love to see your finished project. Thanks for stopping by and making something with me!

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