10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting Wire Wrapping

So you want to start wire wrapping? What do you need to buy? What do you NOT need to buy? What can you even make? How do you prepare to start? Well, you have someone who has been where you are and gained some experience doing it the wrong to get to the point of doing it the right way!

These are my tips of things I wish I knew before I started wire wrapping. Because when I started, I didn’t have these tips and bought up the whole craft store. I’m ashamed but not ashamed. I took one for the crafty team to see what I REALLY needed to buy.


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#10 -Before you start anything, use Plastidip to coat your tool tips so you don’t scratch your projects to bits! This softens the impact of your tools BUT you DO need some uncoated tools for precise work, so don’t coat ALL your tools.

#9 -What wires and tools do you use? To determine this, you have to first know what type of wire-wrapping you want to do.

#8 -Don’t lose an eye cutting those small pieces of wire. Do it the right way!

#7 -Use an anvil to give your wire-wrapping some spice and personality!

#6 -Not all beads have to have a hole. I’ll show you how to be able to use a hole-less bead in your wire-wrapping.

#5 -If your bead DOES have a hole, don’t just string the bead on and go on with your life! Spice it up!

#4 -You can make legit rings using a ring dowel. But I added a modification to mine to make it work.

#3 -You can actually make post earrings without buying them!

#2 -You make any shape of anything using wire. ANYTHING!

#1 -Don’t buy earring wire EVER AGAIN! You can make it yourself easily.

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